Quality & Accreditations

Design Capabilities

Our design staffs are conversant with single phase, condensation, vaporisation, feed effluent trains, thermosyphon, falling film, and knockback/reflux thermal design principles. State-of-the-art software is utilised in order to identify the optimum heat exchanger configuration that not only satisfies the specified heat duty, allowable pressure drop, and maximum velocity etc., but also maximises design accuracy and efficiency.

Heat exchangers and pressure vessels can designed and manufactured in accordance with all common international standards including:

Third Party Inspection

We regularly work hand in hand with third party inspection authorities (for both design verification and final inspection) such as:

  • Lloyds Register
  • ASME VIII/1 U Stamp
  • DNV (Norway),
  • BV (UK)
  • ABS (US),
  • NKK (Japan)