Research & Development

We are proud of our ongoing efforts to offer customers of Sterling Thermal Technology the best products and service possible and as a result we invest heavily in research and development and innovation.

Sterling Thermal Technology is committed to working closely with our clients to improve, invent or adapt products to meet clients’ evolving needs and demanding operating conditions. Our engineering team utilises our own wind tunnel, test equipment and modeling software to produce and prove prototypes: We model performance of our exchangers in the application, evaluating thermal performance against parameters in the marketplace, as well as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), vibration and sound.

The Avantair motor and generator coolers, which use heat-pipe technology, is one example of our development programme. The Avantair was developed in response to a requirement for:

  • Closer approach temperatures
  • Additional operational redundancy
  • Smaller unit dimensions to meet space constraints
  • Cooling without water where its supply is limited or the cost is prohibitive
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Multiple Avantair units are now in operation worldwide.

Our commercial, design, production and marketing teams also actively evaluate new applications for existing proven products, adapting them to suit specific markets.