Electrical Motor Cooling

Sterling Thermal Technology has supplied the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) electrical motor industry for over 45 years, supplying motor coolers for many various applications during this time.

electrical-motor-coolingThe company has developed a range of single tube and double tube CACW (Closed Air Circuit Water Cooled) coolers, along with leak detection systems and emergency door designs. Tube and fin materials range from copper through copper alloys to stainless steel, titanium and many other specialist materials. Special protective coatings can be applied to these materials where the operating environment is particularly harsh.

Where water is unavailable Sterling can offer CACA (Closed Air Circuit Air Cooled) or Avantair coolers designed to achieve low noise levels and long operating lives appropriate for trouble free operation in arduous environments that require it.

For more information on our ‘Avantair’ product range, please see our Avantair page.