Food & Beverage

Sterling Thermal Technology have developed and manufactured a broad range of heat exchangers for the dairy, brewing, distilling, ingredients, flavorings, sugar and confectionary, ready meals and pharmaceutical industries, particularly where drying processes are required. These include both extended surface and shell and tube technologies, ranging from small to very large units.

We have the flexibility to manufacturer to the highest standard using high quality food grade materials.

Our heat exchangers can increase processing capacity, reduce fuel costs and enable emissions compliance.

Process Air Heaters

A proven range of stainless steel heaters and coolers, with, where required, incorporating ‘sanitary’ de-mister sections and ‘water shedding’ construction for more efficient plant cleaning in place (CIP).

Typical construction uses both block fin and spiral-wound fin on ‘U’ tube arrangements, with manifold connections, where applicable, using orifice-plate design to negate the need for steam traps.

Sterling Thermal process air heaters and coolers are used in spray dryers, fluid-beds, bag houses, maltings and flour mills. These range from 5,000 to 120,000 kg/h, pre-heating, heating, cooling and dehumidifying process air.

Our heavy-duty product range includes:

  • Air Heaters with steam pressures of 100bar and airflow outlet temperatures of 350°C, the latter more achievable using suitable thermal fluids as the heating medium.
  • Air preheaters (using evaporator condensate)
  • Steam air heaters (condensate and steam sections)
  • Multi-pressure steam air heaters
  • Hot Oil thermal fluid air heaters
  • Hybrid Steam and Hot Oil air heaters (for high temperature applications)
  • Air coolers for fluid bed
  • Air heaters and re-heater for fluid bed secondary drying

Recuperators /Economisers

These incorporate both finned and plain tube designs for heat recovery on exhaust flows in both heating, combined heat and power (CHP) and drying plant. They are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh operating environments, including caustic CIP processes and corrosive exhaust gases. These systems pre-heat process gases or liquids, while at the same time reducing exhaust stack temperatures.

Shell & Tube condensers

These are typically used in refrigeration systems e.g. ammonia condensing in a dairy plant or a chilling brewery plant.