Air Separation Industry

Sterling Thermal Technology supply a variety of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers and Shell and Tube coolers, condensers for the Air and Gas Separation industry and we are trusted not only for our ability to deal with complex requirements but also for factoring the environment they are working in and the specialist nature of the elements that are passing through.

We are often approached by world leading gas manufacturers, asking for specific treatments and cleaning to be carried out on our Heat Exchangers to ensure they are suitable for the environment. We have sustained experience of delivering units to exact specifications.

Sterling Thermal Technology also designs and manufactures the critical pre-stage, inter and after stage coolers for all types of compressors used in the gas separation industry as well as oil and other cooling applications.

More often than not, the leading names in this industry will have their own processing sites as well as on-site hubs in other manufacturer’s premises, usually in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. Our customers could have an issue that needs to be dealt with in any number of locations, so they get in touch with us as they trust our judgement on being able to advise on best course of action, whether it is for us to look at receiving the unit st one of our sites for investigation, or carrying out urgent repairs on site, across the world.

We believe that this high level of service and our knowledge of the industry makes Sterling Thermal Technology an ideal choice for the critical nature of heat exchangers in this industry, as we have been working closely with the global brands for over 30 years and continue to forge strong relationships with new Air Separation companies.