Compressors, Pumps & Refrigeration

Sterling Thermal Technology’s unique design capabilities and fin-press functionality offers our customers the unique ability to specify many combinations and different geometries of tube and fin material. Different materials include copper alloys, stainless steel and titanium which gives engineers the freedom to balance budget, weight, fouling and longevity considerations.

They combine our own patented plate fin core, proven tube support designs and innovative airflow techniques, including vortex clean-air technology to maximise optimum performance as well as extending the operating life of the unit.

Coolers may incorporate either ‘roped’ (spirally formed) or Sterling Thermal Technology’s proprietary block-finned tubes. This technology addresses the issues associated with air dispersion, water separation and pressure drop over the core meaning reduced energy consumption.

Durable stainless steel fins can be applied to outer tubes rows to protect against damage caused by the high velocity/high temperature incoming charge airflow.

Sterling Thermal Technology not only provide solutions for coolers to machine operators and maintainers but also to OEM’s, supporting their service and aftermarket, as well as other manufacturers who need inter and after stage cooling for a compressor that needs our assistance.

By dealing with a multitude of different customers in this industry, we have built up a working knowledge and experience of catering to customer requirements. Our ability to be able to design bespoke solutions, catering for harsh environments, specific space envelopes and where previous coolers have failed or not meeting thermal requirements is well known.

Examples of our work include designing inter and after stage coolers for Ejector manufacturers for offshore Oil and Gas projects and coolers for compressors in the Air Separation Industry.

We also support these industries heavily in the service and aftermarket sectors where failures have occurred due to design and materials and our customers clients are looking for innovative designs to address the conditions the heat exchanger is operating in and the most suitable materials for construction, which are often key drivers for ensuring longevity of the unit whilst ensuring it meets thermal requirements.

We manufacture replacement inter- and after-cooler elements for, amongst others:

  • Cameron
  • Compair
  • Atlas Copco
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Joy machines