Sterling Thermal Technology has supplied the marine industry for over 45 years both directly and also through Britannia Heatex who were acquired by Sterling back in June 2011. Sterling provide both new build heat exchangers manufactured from first principle and refurbished equipment supporting all types of marine heat exchangers, often under demanding time constraints.

Typical marine heat exchanger applications include:

  • Main engine and generator cooling (Charge Air, Jacket Water and Lube Oil Coolers)
  • LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) cargo heating
  • Lube oil cooling
  • LNG (Liquefied natural gas) Condensing
  • Steam plant (Condensers, Feed Heaters, Tank Cleaning Heaters)
  • Water plant (Desalination Heaters and Condensers)
  • Plant room cooling
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Propulsion motor cooling

Examples of Sterling Thermal Technology products for these applications include:

  • Charge air coolers for main and auxiliary engines compatible with all the major manufactures.
  • Motor and generator coolers – TEAAC, TEWAC or Avantair.
  • Full range of shell and tube heat exchangers from lube oil coolers to steam condensers.
  • On-board, Worldwide heat exchanger retubing and component supply (tubes, tubeplates etc.)
  • Titanium Seawater Room Coolers e.g. containerised fire pump sets
  • Air handling unit (AHU) coils.
  • Engine Manufacturer compatibility