Sterling Thermal Technology has been designing and manufacturing heat exchange units and components for the offshore industry since its inception in 1908. We have provided equipment for the full range of heat exchange applications found on platforms from oil/gas processing through motor/generator coolers to ancillary equipment and plant room cooling.

Sterling Thermal Technology is able to repair, refurbish or replace existing equipment and provide a full design and manufacture capability for new process needs. Often we are able to upgrade performance, increase longevity, reduce weight and/or space through the use of our high performance technologies and alternative materials.

Our range of Advanced Technology unique finned surfaces (HEIfin, Elfin) provide a highly efficiency compact alternative to traditional surfaces. Internal heat transfer enhancement is also applied when applicable. The Sterling Thermal Technology Hi-Guard leak detection system is available for sensitive applications to ensure that leaking tubes are immediately automatically indicated remotely and do not damage high value rotating equipment.

Sterling Thermal Technology manufactures in accordance with all of the recognised standards including ASME, PD5500, PED and NORSOK. Full certification and documentation is provided with all equipment.

offshore1Holding extensive stocks of Copper Nickel and Titanium tube, coupled with a highly skilled, flexible work force means that we are able to respond to emergency and breakdown situations, hereby reducing the effects of machine down-time.

Typical Sterling Thermal Technology heat exchanger applications include:

  • Process Oil & Gas Coolers
  • Motor and Generator Coolers
  • Engine Radiators
  • Compressor Coolers
  • Pump & Lube oil Coolers
  • Plant Room Coolers
  • Air Conditioning Coolers