Sterling Thermal Technology have the capability through in-house design and innovative, flexible manufacturing facilities to be able to cater to the requirements of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

We understand how critical heating and cooling is to pharmaceutical processes when maximising yield and also that contamination can be an on-going issue for purity of final product.

By working with ‘originator’ manufacturers, we have understood their processes, the mediums passing through the heat exchanger, the environment and temperature conditions necessary for success. The key benefits we offer is to ensure that the design meets the customer requirements; firstly by achieving the thermal duty and secondly by selecting the right materials for the application. This meticulous approach is a standard approved by originator manufacturers, who have invested time and money into product research and development. They simply cannot afford for anything to go wrong when producing the end product.

In our manufacturing process, we offer clean room facilities, highly skilled welding operators and a high level of surface finish to the heat exchanger, depending on customer requirements.

We believe our experience of solid relationships with key companies in the chemical and food and beverage industries has enabled us to offer pharmaceutical companies a heat exchanger that will work effectively in their process, also offering value for money through improved longevity and increased thermal efficiency.

We have spoken to companies in the pharmaceutical industry who have used heat exchangers where leaking is a constant issue due to movement of gaskets when opening up to inspect and clean. This can cause contamination, reduced thermal performance and ultimately failure which manufacturers cannot afford to happen. To combat this we have designed shell and tube heat exchangers which benefit from weld sealed tubes onto tube plates in materials suitable for the environment and mediums passing through.

These heat exchangers can still be designed to be inspected and cleaned if needed. By listening to customer requirements we identify what is most important to them and propose the most effective solution.

A well designed, quality product in the right materials is what we are asked for in this industry and we have the capability to deliver on all aspects, due to our vast experience, in-house design and engineering services, versatile manufacturing in any material and a finish on the product that meets requirements.