Power Stations

Power Stations have been the backbone of Sterling Thermal Technology’s business for many years. We work closely with energy suppliers in the following fuels around the World:

  • Nuclear
  • Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT)
  • Gas Oil/Kerosene
  • Hydro stations
  • Coal fired
  • Gas CHP (Combined Heat and Power)
  • Biomass

We offer a number of applications for Power Stations included (but not limited to):

Main Turbine Lube Oil Coolers Seal Oil Coolers De-mineralised Water Coolers (DW Coolers) General Service Water Coolers (GSW Coolers)
Boiler Feed Pump Coolers Sub-Atmospheric Condensers Condensate Coolers Gas Circulating Pump Oil Cooler
Heat Dump Cooler Man Access Coolers Steam Sample Coolers Hydrogen Coolers
Generator Air Coolers (AKA Exciter Coolers) Mill Oil Coolers; Induced Draught (ID) or Forced Draught (FD) Transformer Coolers Refrigeration Evaporators and Condensers

Virtually any material can be supplied, including titanium, Nickel Alloys or Copper Alloys, as well as double-wall leak-detection tubes and specialist coatings. This extends to using equally resistant materials for both the tubes and fins. Where sea water is used as the primary source of cooling, Sterling Thermal has manufactured and refurbished many units using Titanium to enhance corrosion and erosion resistance, hereby reducing the risk of pollution caused by tube failures.

We can offer surface enhanced tubes in shell and tube heat exchangers, where the existing cooler has not always been able to produce the required cooling at peak times, further increasing efficiency and reducing down time. We offer this in conjunction to a number of other methods to maximise efficiency wherever possible.