Sterling Thermal Technology designs, manufactures and supplies shell and tube products and block-fin radiator panels to the Rail Traction and other transport industries worldwide. Sterling Thermal Technology’s extended surface block-fin heat exchangers provide an ideal cooling solution, where vibration, temperature extremes and air side fouling are always assessed to improve performance and efficiency.

Sterling Thermal Technology’s radiator panels are used in traction cooling systems for both diesel and electrical drive units and can:

  • Improve performance and reliability
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Reduce downtime caused by overheating and air side fouling
  • Save money on maintenance costs.

Sterling Thermal Technology’s radiator panel benefits:

  • High resistance to excessive vibration (tube to tube-plate jointing method).
  • Ease of maintenance (construction method and robust fin allows dismantling and power washing where airside fouling has occurred). Fin enhancements deliver near zero fouling of the airside matrix.
  • Leading face of the heat exchanger is always a fin, protecting the tube from impact damage.
  • Sterling Thermal is an ISO9001 accredited company.
  • A cost-effective alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement panels
  • No minimum order quantities – one-off or volume production.
  • Stringent testing procedures and compliance to specified standards where required
  • Short lead times

Sterling Thermal Technology’s radiator panel technology:

Our Elfin block finning system applies a tube to fin interference fit. This differs from mechanically expanding (bulleting) or solder bonding the tube to the fin. The Elfin system offers significant flexibility in design geometry and use of materials which can enhance existing thermal duty on an oil or jacket water radiator

We design and manufacture new units and also size-for-size replacements.

Projects undertaken to date include:-

Cooler Group Radiators Bevel Gear Hydraulic Oil Cooler Under Body DMU Radiators
Jacket Water and Lube Oil Coolers Lube Oil Cooler Diesel Engine Charge Air Coolers