Products & Technology

Sterling Thermal Technology applies its wide range of technologies in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers in order to meet the duties our clients require. In each technology category we list examples of some of the products we manufacture. Where there is no example of a technology or product relevant to your needs it is still highly probable that we can meet your requirements with a heat transfer solution.

Heat Exchange Technologies offered

  • Gas to Liquid Exchangers
  • Gas to Gas Exchangers
  • Liquid to Liquid Exchangers
  • Heat Pipe
  • Transformer Oil Coolers
  • Titanium Products
  • Specialist Materials
  • Shell & Tube
  • Extended Surface

Technological scope of supply

A Sterling Thermal Heat Transfer solution enables the end-user to achieve wide-ranging temperatures and pressures in different operating conditions worldwide. It is also able to comply with most international standards.

Each Sterling Thermal heat exchanger delivers optimum performance based on a combination of factors:

  • An ability to work with such a wide range of materials , surfaces and finishes.
  • High-quality construction methods, including significant in-house machining, fin-press, testing and flushing capabilities.
  • Proprietary fin design and fin geometry which offers world-leading thermal performance, durability and flexibility.

Whether our client is an Original Equipment Manufacturer or the End-User of a heat exchanger, with a bespoke application, Sterling Thermal applies its technologies and know-how to offer the best in design and value.