Air Blast

A Sterling Thermal Technology Heat Transfer solution enables the end-user to achieve wide-ranging temperatures and pressures in different operating conditions worldwide. It is also able to comply with most international standards.

Each Sterling Thermal Technology heat exchanger delivers optimum performance based on a combination of factors:

  • An ability to work with such a wide range of materials, surfaces and finishes.
  • High-quality construction methods, including significant in-house machining, fin-press, testing and flushing capabilities.
  • Proprietary fin design and fin geometry which offers world-leading thermal performance, durability and flexibility.
  • Whether our client is an Original Equipment Manufacturer or the End-User of a heat exchanger, with a bespoke application, Sterling Thermal applies its technologies and know-how to offer the best in design and value.

Sterling Thermal Technology’s extensive range of extended surface tube technology means that we have solutions for most heat transfer applications and operational requirements.

Sterling Thermal’s advanced design and manufacturing processes offers its customers the unique ability to use an almost limitless combination and different geometries of tube and fin material. Different materials include copper alloys, stainless steel, titanium and aluminium.

Current tooling allows tube sizing starting at 6mm up to 38mm, plus any tube wall thickness.

This gives engineers the freedom to balance key considerations such as:

  • Thermal duty
  • Pressure drop
  • Fouling
  • Size and weight limitations
  • Longevity
  • Budget
  • Delivery

Our extended-surface heat exchangers use Sterling Thermal Technology’s proprietary technology, including:

  • Plate HEI FIN (block fin)
  • Plate Elfin (block fin)
  • Helical G, L, LL, T, Gilled fin (Spiral-wound)
  • Low fin integrally finned tube
  • Roped tube
  • Heat Pipe (Syphon)

Sterling Thermal Technology offers an extensive range of both extended-surface and plain tube heat transfer solutions. Utilising an extensive variety of finned tube technologies, along with a wide range of materials, including Aluminium, Copper, Copper and Nickel Alloys, Carbon and Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and Titanium, we can satisfy most customer requirements.