Innovation through Elfin

One example of that makes Sterling Thermal Technology stand out, is our unique Elfin Finned Tube process for extended surface Heat Exchangers. Our Elfin machines automatically and mechanically bonds just about any type of fin material onto just about any type of tube material, providing interference fit that results in a product with a far greater life cycle and performance against alternative methods. The Elfin system also allows for variable fin spacing, doesn’t compromise tube thickness and works with most materials.

Fins getting blocked due to harsh environment?

Variable Fin spacing (FPI), accurately placed by a CNC operated system down to micron tolerances, means we can offer the best solution to account for the condition of the air passing over. The rigidity of the Elfin finned tube also means it can be cleaned without causing damage.

Fin corrosion and erosion causing contamination?

The mechanical bond of the Elfin finned tube and being able to use more resilient materials, results in reduced fin corrosion or stress damage.

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