Specialist Materials

Sterling Thermal Technology offer an extensive range of both extended-surface and plain tube heat transfer solutions. Utilising an extensive variety of finned tube technologies, along with a wide range of materials, including Aluminium, Copper, Copper and nickel alloys, Carbon and Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and Titanium, we can satisfy most customer requirements.

Our extensive experience in such a wide variety of industries has imparted extensive levels of expertise in many materials and combinations, including many of the below:

Common Materials Exotic Materials
Aluminium Hastelloy
Aluminium Brass Inconel
Admiralty Brass Monel
Copper Niobium
Copper-Nickel Super Duplex
Steel Tantalum
Stainless Steel Titanium
Zirconium etc.

Each project is looked at on an individual basis and our experienced projects team can recommend or help to select fit-for purpose materials depending on the application.