Titanium Heat Exchanger Units

Historically, Lube and transformer oil coolers have all been manufactured with aluminium brass or 90/10 copper nickel (also known as Cupronickel) roller expanded into brass tube plates; tube failures were and still are common place especially after a few years’ service. The result of these failures could be the polluting of the river or estuary that is supplying the cooling water.

titan1In days gone by this was overlooked or brushed aside. The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in April 2010 resulted in the US Department of Justice paying just over $4.5 Billion in fines to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Today, with modern legislation and the push to be ‘greener’ the world’s Power Generating companies have looked more seriously at the impact that their operations are having on the environment.

The risk of pollution from oil leaks is now taken more seriously and the stations concerned have looked at ways of eradicating or minimising the risk to the environment.

Titanium tubes had been used for some years in the main condensers and had proved to be virtually leak free and so the question was asked; “Can we use Titanium in our other coolers?”

Sterling Thermal Technology (Or Britannia Heatex as we were then!) were consulted about the possibility and it was not long before Sizewell ‘A’ ordered a small set of small titanium heat exchangers for their stand-by diesel generators, to trial the effectiveness of titanium heat exchangers. This was in 1996 and the trial proved to be a total success, both in terms or eradicating cooler leaks and in maintaining thermal performance. As a result of these trials, Sterling Thermal technology further developed its manufacturing processes and promoted the use of titanium tubes and tube plates in the manufacture or replacement tube bundles in situations where there was a risk of polluting the environment from the oil.

Since the mid-nineties Sterling Thermal Technology has designed and produced Titanium Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Air Blast Heat Exchangers for the following industries:

  • Power Generation
  • Offshore
  • Heating Ventilation and Control
  • Marine
  • Petrochemical
  • Military

Typical applications include:

  • Sea/River-water cooled Transformer and Turbine Oil Coolers
  • Seal Oil Coolers
  • Generator Air Coolers
  • Turbine Steam Condensers
  • Fire Pump Room Coolers
  • Electric Motor Air Coolers
  • Marine Charge Air Coolers
  • Process Coolers
  • Bearing Oil Coolers
  • Electrical Cabinet Coolers
  • Compressor /Gas Inter-stage Coolers

Our sales team will be happy to discuss Titanium applications or other uprated materials with you.