Transformer Oil Coolers

Sterling Thermal Technology can design, manufacture and supply a range of Air Blast and Shell and Tube Transformer Oil Coolers used on large HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) applications worldwide within the Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution industries.


Coolers are supplied :

  • To Transformer manufacturers on an OEM basis.
  • To end-users where clients require like-for-like or enhanced-design replacements.

To meet varying operational requirements units can be constructed in a variety of materials, including all aluminium (tubes/ fins), copper or stainless steel. This takes into account key design parameters such as thermal performance, weight, orientation, corrosion protection for arduous environments and price.

Sterling Thermal Technology Transformer Oil Coolers:

  • Custom-built to suit the application
  • Standard modular cooler design for typical HVDC transformers, with or without fan redundancy.
  • Special air blown, seawater cooled packages for Shipboard, cast resin type transformers.
  • Sterling Thermal Technology are an ISO9001 certificated company and an approved supplier of coolers to main European power generating equipment makers.
  • Through Sterling’s collaborative approach with its customers it has recently introduced product upgrades to the all welded construction transformer coolers.

Sterling Transformer Oil Cooler advantages

  • Design incorporates high performance fin surfaces, resulting in more efficient coolers, which require less fan power and generate less fan noise.
  • Materials used give a high level of corrosion protection. The designs are aimed at giving long life characteristics.
  • Designs are flexible enough to allow for effective cooling when the cooler is combined with a wide range of oil pumps.
  • Manufacturing procedures and subsequent internal cleaning procedure guarantee internal cleanliness to the standard required by the industry.