Upgrading materials

Sterling Thermal Technology can offer an improved replacement product fabricated with stronger, more robust and often higher quality materials. Typically our class leading technology delivers more performance from same physical footprint. We will not only undertake the design or re-design of existing heat exchangers, but also research and develop bespoke components or product variations to overcome specific problems.

An example of this is in the Power generation market. Many Power Stations are built in coastal regions due to the availability of sea water which is can be used for cooling. Most heat exchangers in power stations built prior to 1990 are built with Copper Nickel (aka Cupronickel) tubestacks due to its high resistance to seawater. These heat exchangers would typically have to be replaced every 7-15 years.

Sterling Thermal Technology can build a like-for-like version of these tubestacks in Titanium which will last the life of the Power Station, therefore offering better value for money. It also reduces maintenance hours and unplanned shutdowns or outages.

To find out more about increasing the longevity of your heat exchangers please contact us to arrange a meeting.