Upgrade, Uprate and Refurbish Existing Equipment

Sterling Thermal Technology offers a full repair and refurbishment service for most designs of fluid and air/gas cooled heat exchangers.

Heat exchangers require periodic maintenance from cleaning to re-tubing and complete re-manufacturing. We have a team of fully qualified engineers to carry out this work at either of our manufacturing facilities or on-site.

ARL-recon7With over 30 years of refurbishment experience we have encountered most of the problems associated with old heat exchangers. This has led to the development of our proven techniques and practices which provide cost-effective life extension of heat exchanger equipment.

Utilising components from existing units such as headers, shells and tube sheets to keep cost to a minimum, we can in most instances return old equipment to an ‘as new’ condition, fully tested and certified for compliance.

Where thermal performance or material upgrades are required it is possible to incorporate design improvements into the refurbishment works.

Replacement Services

If heat exchange equipment needs replacing, Sterling Thermal Technology offers a range of options; whether it is a gas or liquid in your heat exchange process, we have a product to suit.

When your original process equipment reaches the end of its serviceable life, typically all parties review previous performance as well as current and forecast output duties required. Environmental compliance and weight parameters may have changed too. Sterling Thermal Technology will look at the options with you. We have been working with clients to make the best choice for many years.

We can offer:

  • A like-for-like direct replacement, whether previously manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology* or a different manufacturer. If insufficient specification data is available to manufacture a replacement or new unit, our experienced field engineers can attend the vessel or plant, wherever it may be, in order to carry out a heat exchanger survey to obtain accurate measurements.
  • An improved replacement product fabricated with stronger, more robust and often higher quality materials. Typically our class leading technology delivers more performance from same physical footprint. We will not only undertake the design or re-design of existing heat exchangers, but also research and develop bespoke components or product variations to overcome specific problems.
  • An alternative OEM product from our OEM range, giving you a lower cost alternative.

* Sterling Thermal Technology holds archives of products manufactured by Thermo Engineers, Heat Exchange Industries and Britannia Heatex.