Retirement for Ken Harkness

Marine Sales Manager Ken Harkness will be leaving Sterling Thermal Technology at the end of December 2014. Ken first started with the company back in 1982 when it was called ‘Crane Heatex’ as a marine sales manager and left in 1994 to pursue other interests.

In 1999 Ken returned to the company (then Britannia Heat Transfer) and was present during the merger with Crane Heatex in 2002 to create Britannia Heatex. In 2007 Ken retired (for the first time!) and returned in 2008. Ken has been ever present since then.

Ken has had a number of successes in the Marine industry and has helped to grow Sterling Thermal Technology to its current market position. He will be spending the next couple of months contacting his customers to introduce their new contact.

We thank Ken for everything he has done for the company and wish him all the best for the future.


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