Cyber essentials badge to illustrate the post about sterling Thermal Technology certification

Sterling Thermal Technology is now Cyber Essentials certified

At Sterling Thermal Technology, we are eager to protect our organisation against cyber-attacks. For this reason, we decided to go through a certification process to ensure we took the right measures. We are now certified by Cyber Essentials a Government-backed scheme. It means our IT complies with UK Government supply chain requirements.

To achieve our certification, we have put in place actions that help cyber protection. Below are some examples.

  • We strengthened our firewall to protect our Internet connection. A buffer zone analyses the incoming traffic to find out if it should be allowed onto our network.
  • We increased the security setting level for our devices and software. Part of this is having a strong password policy including changing passwords on a regularly.
  • We give good access to software, settings, online services and device connectivity functions to our staff so they can perform their role. But extra permissions are actively managed.
  • We take extra care when it comes to protecting ourselves from viruses and other malware.

Overall, we have a clear picture of our organisation’s cyber security level, and we work every day to make sure we are safe.

Download our Cyber Essential certificate


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