Photo of apprentice at Sterling Thermal Technology

Building talent for the future

As a market leader within the heat exchange industry, we recognise that people are at the core of everything we do.

We are delighted to utilise the Apprenticeship scheme to continue to develop and grow our people. That way, we make sure we have the skills and talent within our business to ensure we carry on providing a best in class service to our customers.

The Apprenticeship scheme provides a unique opportunity to combine practical on the job training with the formal underpinning of a tutor. All apprentices will be fully supported on their journey to becoming qualified technicians and/or engineers.

Sterling Thermal Technology has a proven track record in ensuring all our apprentices achieve the best they can on their chosen path. For example, one of our apprentices -George Perry- was shortlisted for a prestigious regional award, which recognised both the quality of apprenticeship scheme at STT and George’s hard work. Building talent for the future is genuinely our aim.

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn and train while being paid? This could be your opportunity.

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