photo of Nicola Zeoli, Engineering Director at Sterling Thermal Technology

Nic Zeoli joined us as the Engineering Director

We are pleased to announce that Nicola Zeoli has recently joined Sterling Thermal Technology. He is leading the engineering function as Engineering Director and reports to our CEO Emrah Gozturk. He will be a vital member of the Senior Management Team. Nic’s blend of technology, people leadership and international culture will make him a great asset to our company.

Nic is a chartered mechanical engineer with significant experience in the development and industrialization of complex products for automotive and industrial applications. He has worked in project management for a precision engineering business. He joined us from his previous employer, where he began as a Technical Manager in 2011 and progressed in 2014 to General Manager. In his latest position, he was responsible for the operations of sites in the UK and Italy.

Nic has a comprehensive technical background and is a respected academic with several technology publications and a PhD from Aston University to his name.

A native Italian, who has lived in several countries including Brazil and Romania, Nic has a family background in farming.  When asked what he is passionate about Nic answers “I love food and tractors”.

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Nic’s publications include:

  • The computation of the entropy generation rate for turbomachinery design applications: some theoretical remarks and practical examples
    J. Energy Technology and Policy, volume 6, Nos. 1/2, pages 64-95.
  • Numerical simulation of in-flight particle oxidation during thermal spraying
    Computers and Chemical Engineering, volume 32, issue 7, pages 1661-1668.
  • Computational simulation of metal droplet break-up, cooling and solidification during gas atomisation
    Computational Materials Science, volume 43, issue 2, pages 268-278.
  • Computational validation of an isentropic plug nozzle design for gas atomisation
    Computational Materials Science, volume 42, issue 2, pages 245-258.
  • Three-dimensional simulation of primary break-up in a close-coupled atomizer
    Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, Volume 108, pages 783-792.
  • A Study of Sootblower Erosion in Waste-Incinerating Heat Boilers
    Energy Resour. Technol., Volume 129(1), pages, 50-53.
  • Numerical Study of the Compressible, Reacting Turbulent Unsteady Flow in a Curved Pipe, published in June 2007 in the proceedings of the ECOS’07 Conference, Padova, Italy