Photo of Avantair from Sterling TT being installed at the LNG plant Calcasieu Pass

Cooling a generator at The Calcasieu Pass

In a world of transition to decarbonisation, liquefied natural gas (LNG) represents an alternative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help combat global warming. It is considered cleaner than other fossil fuels. The combustion of natural gas primarily produces steam and small amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), which are 30 to 50% lower than those generated by other combustible fuels.

The natural gas fuel is transformed into a liquid state by cooling it though a refrigeration process at a liquefaction plant to obtain liquefied natural gas. LNG plants are usually remote and cannot access power; hence, they generate their power on-site.

At Sterling TT, we design and manufacture heat exchange solutions that are installed on this type of facilities. As power generation is crucial, we help to make sure that there is no disruption. Our Avantair, an enhanced air-to-air cooler that uses heat pipe technology, is ideal for these applications. Because of its design, it is long-lasting, has 100% availability through multiple redundancy features. Furthermore, it can be maintained while operating.

Photo of Avantair from Sterling TT being installed at the LNG plant Calcasieu PassRecently, we delivered Avantair to Andritz Hydro, a global supplier of electromechanical systems and services for power generation. The equipment was installed at The Calcasieu Pass liquefied natural gas export facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, USA. Once completed, the plant will export 10MTPA of LNG per year.
Avantair was selected over conventional solutions for this specific application because it is discrete, requiring only a small power supply, is instantly available and comparatively small and quiet in operation.

Beyond helping our clients to be performant, Sterling TT is proud to contribute to protecting the planet.

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