CACW for renewables designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology

CACW for the renewable energy sector

“The global energy mix is changing, with more clean renewable energy sources being added to the grid. The intermittency of renewable energy sources has raised clear challenges to grid integration and its stability,” said GE Power Conversion. So, they developed a rotating stabiliser as a solution.

CACW for renewables designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology

GE Power Conversion asked Sterling Thermal Technology to equip their latest rotating stabiliser with our closed air circuit water coolers (CACW). Why did they choose our machine coolers? Because we are long-term partners and we also have the experience, technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities. The high inertia rotating equipment requires reliable and precise thermal management. This is where we can assist.  How? We designed and manufactured air to water coolers to our client’s exact specifications. They are optimised, efficient and reliable, tailored to this application. In this case, even if the coolers are compact, they are still relatively large, with a footprint of more than 40 sqm and a weight that exceeds 13 tons.

Besides, we selected the appropriate materials to minimise the erosion, corrosion and fouling to ensure the longevity of operations with minimal downtime.

We are proud to say that in collaboration with GE Power Conversion, we have served the end-user Statkraft. This large European renewable energy producer is a global company in energy market operations.

Looking at the bigger picture, we are delighted to be in a position to make a positive contribution to the wind power market, a renewable energy, and play a role in a more sustainable future.

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