photo to illustrate the Great British Manufacturing podcast

Our CEO, Emrah, was interviewed in a Great British Manufacturing Podcast

Joe Reynolds and Stuart Whitehead interviewed Emrah Gozturk, our CEO. Joe Reynolds is a manufacturing journalist and co-host of the Great British Manufacturing Podcast; Stuart Whitehead is the Founder of the Jefferson Group and Co-founder of FactoryNOW.

Emrah introduced Sterling TT and explained that we “are focusing on accelerating our customers’ transition to carbon-zero technologies”. Our expertise and experience in heat transfer solutions for 100+ years give us the credibility to support them. We work with large OEM and end-users, in the UK and worldwide. About 50% of our revenues come from exportation. We design and manufacture bespoke heat exchangers, having a strong engineering team.

Stuart was interested in knowing about the recent projects that involved Sterling TT. Emrah explained that we are working in the energy, power generation, defence, industrial and chemical sectors. This means we are building bespoke high-performance heat exchangers that are used in demanding applications. We are not a buy of the shelf company, selling standard products. We work in close collaboration with our clients to understand their needs and specifications and find the optimum solution. “We are working in energy power generation, circular economy (waste to energy projects), so we are part of this energy transition.”, said Emrah.

To illustrate our expertise, Emrah talked about two projects in particular. Both support the new economy. One involves us in plastic recycling that ends up being jet fuel. The engineering challenges of this sort of application include high pressures and temperatures. The other project, NEOM, puts us at the heart of desalinating seawater to transform it into freshwater for the new city’s population and agriculture.

Emrah honestly believes that sustainable energy, carbon reduction, renewable energy is the future, and that these trends give Sterling TT business opportunities. But not only. He also thinks we have to keep in mind that we need to build a better world to provide a more sustainable future to the new generations. Our heat exchangers have long longevity; that’s also an interesting aspect of our product regarding sustainability.

Joe was interested in understanding Emrah’s position about Brexit. Emrah thinks that the COVID-19 pandemic had a more significant impact on the business than Brexit. Obviously, we had to understand the new set rules initially, but then it was business as usual. We worked globally, and Brexit has not stopped us from supplying our technologies to Europe and beyond. As mentioned previously, we are a UK-based company that supplies globally, so we are used to exporting. Once the trade agreements are in place, we should have even more opportunities.

Emrah finished the interview on a was a very positive note about 2022. He mentioned that we already had a good order book and aimed for further growth, especially in renewable energy and related activities (e.g. grids). Thanks to our experienced engineering team and our advanced heat transfer solutions such as heat pipes, we have a solid advantage to help our customers.

We gave you the highlights of the podcast, but we encourage you to listen to it. The podcast is about 30 minutes long; it also includes industry news. If you don’t have time, save the link for later.

Thank you to Joe Reynolds and Stuart Whitehead, Co-founder of FactoryNOW.