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How our T26 Experience Transfers to other Naval Ships

Sterling TT supplies coolers for the next generation of Royal Navy frigates, the T26. The Type 26 frigates are a class of frigates being built for the UK’s Royal Navy, also called the City-class frigate. Variations are being made for Australian and Canadian navies.

With decades of experience in the defence sector, our work with the T26 frigates transfers to other naval programmes, including FFG(X), T26 derivative vessels and submarines.

The T26 frigates are Royal Navy defence ships designed for anti-submarine applications and supporting air defence. They’re built to be flexible enough to adapt to other situations such as counter-piracy, maritime security, counter-terrorism and humanitarian relief. The T26 will replace the current T23 frigates in the coming years.

Coolers for T26

Our work at Sterling TT is primarily in supplying coolers for the T26 frigate propulsion systems.

In operation, propulsion systems generate a lot of excess heat. Coolers remove that extra heat to keep the propulsion systems fully functional and working optimally.

Defence sector experience

We also have experience supplying coolers for other naval applications. As an example, we currently working on the Royal Australian Navy derivative vessels. In addition, we’re part of a programme that includes supplying, upgrading and repairing T45 coolers – both pre-launch and when the ships have returned to port. We are also heavily involved in the US Navy’s DDG-1000 programme.

Additionally, we work on sub-sea vessels with clients including the UK Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Taiwan Navy. Find out more about our submarine work in our article:

The challenges of cooling submarine generators and motors.

We have decades of experience working with a variety of vessels in the defence sector, in particular the UK Royal Navy, plus other international allies.

How our experience transfers well to other naval vessels

Every frigate is different. Each requires its own specifications not only according to the vessel’s purpose but also depending on the environment in which it will be deployed. For example, the water temperature where the frigate will operate has an impact. Our work on a wide variety of frigates (e.g. T23, T45, LPD and 26) and other vessels puts us in a unique position as expert supplier of coolers to the defence sector.

Bespoke designs

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke heat exchangers. We work with you to design a cooler that works to your exacting specifications.

Two elements are always essential considerations with frigates: space and weight. There are however many other factors that influence the design and manufacture of coolers.

Titanium coolers designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal TechnologyMaterial selection is important and can affect the efficiency of heat transfer of the product. Common preferences include titanium or copper-nickel, but other options are available for different applications.

The type of cooler is based on the specific heat and pressure rating requirements. These vary greatly between vessels, environmental temperature variations in which a vessel is deployed, different propulsion system designs, and many more. We manufacture a range of coolers, including bearing oil coolers, generators and motor coolers such as CACW and CACA, and charge air coolers.

Our experience in manufacturing coolers for naval vessels means we are familiar with the typical requirements and demands of the sector. This includes everything from withstanding impact to testing at reduced duty. We understand national and international guidelines to ensure the product is compatible.

Process familiarity

Not only are we familiar with the products themselves, but we have extensive experience of designing, testing and manufacturing coolers for naval vessels including support vessels.

Our coolers, both the individual parts and the product overall, undergo rigorous testing to meet the demands of the naval environment. As an example, we have performed shock and impact testing in quarries to ensure the coolers can withstand the demands naval vessels are potentially exposed to.

We also provide lists of NATO stock numbers, which aren’t just the coolers but every component of the cooler. This allows us to support our partners with spares, repairs and upgrades.

Beyond manufacturing and supply

We are a manufacturer and supplier of heat exchangers, but that’s not all we are. At Sterling TT, we pride ourselves on developing relationships with our clients.

We actively work with you throughout the process. Changes in your specifications can be easily accommodated, applied to designs and tested throughout. We provide additional advice and support. We offer lifetime support, work with you on repairs and maintenance programmes to ensure a vessel operation is optimised.

With Sterling TT, you don’t just get a manufacturer; you get a reliable, experienced and dedicated service provider.