Symbol for circular economy

Decarbonising energy while reducing waste

Decarbonising energy and reducing waste are global challenges. At Sterling TT, we are proud to support our clients in these areas. We recently received an order from a company that delivers sustainable energy solutions by recycling waste and biomass-based feedstocks into advanced energy vectors (e.g. hydrogen and power).

We will supply the heat exchangers for a large waste-to-energy pilot plant; built to test and refine the full-scale operation process. Previous trials proved to be positive, and the process now has the potential to be successful on a commercial scale.

The low cost of the fuel (waste) compared with other forms of energy production is one of the reasons. The aim is to convert non-recyclables (e.g. feedstocks) into low-carbon energy sources through a high-temperature process called Advanced Conversion Technology.

“In this application, every Watt of heat energy must be extracted from the process to achieve the most outstanding efficiency of the plant. Thanks to our advanced heat transfer solution design, we help ensure the heat transfer is maximised at critical stages”, commented Guy Willson, the Applications Engineer who is working on this project.

A thrilling circular economy project

This project is exciting for many reasons, including the below ones.

  • It makes the most of useless waste – current waste to energy processes can’t use this waste. A great example of the circular economy.
  • It produces hydrogen rich gas to be used in the transport industry to replace fossil fuels or in fuel cell units for electricity production.
  • It uses the heat generated by the plant in several applications, including domestic heating.

In summary, it deals with two issues related to the growing global population: the rise of landfill and the need for cheap, sustainable fuel sources.

Why choose Sterling TT to help?

Positively impacting our society for the good of future generations is a key driver for Sterling TT. Emrah Gozturk, our CEO, mentioned that “our expertise and experience in heat transfer solutions for 100+ years give us the credibility to support our clients”. He insisted that we “focus on accelerating our customers’ transition to Net-Zero technologies”.

“Because of Sterling TT’s versatility in design and manufacturing, we can offer a complete package solution to our clients by supplying various heat exchange technologies. By being a “one-stop” manufacturer, we save them time and reduce potential challenges that might occur if they had to deal with several stakeholders.” concluded Mile Vujičić, our Business and Technology Development Director.