Sterling Thermal Technology team and example of heat exchangers

Welcoming two new apprentices

At Sterling TT, we’re convinced that graduates and apprentices play a crucial role in ensuring the resilience of our industry. It’s their contributions that will carry forward our heritage, drive our innovations, and enhance our global influence.

At the beginning of September, we proudly welcomed two new apprentices to the Sterling Thermal Technology team. Bakhteyar and Wilf are poised to make a significant impact in the world of heat exchanger manufacturing. This exciting addition is a testament to our commitment to fostering talent and innovation within our organisation.

Bakhteyar, new apprentice at Sterling Thermal TechnologyBakhteyar is assigned to the Operations team under the direct guidance of George, Production Supervisor, who joined as an Apprentice Mechanical Engineer some years ago. Bakhteyar will primarily focus his learning journey in the workshop. However, our dedication to his growth extends beyond these confines, as we plan to expand his knowledge across various Sterling TT departments in the upcoming months. Bakhteyar ‘s apprenticeship is a comprehensive 3.5-year program featuring a mandatory year-one commitment to attending Milton Keynes College one day a week, with the rest dedicated to hands-on experience at Sterling TT.

Likewise, we extend our warmest welcome to Wilf Howe. He joins us with a fervour for welding and fabrication. Apprentice at Sterling Thermal TechnologyUnder Paul’s direct guidance, he is an integral part of the Operations team. Not to mention that Paul also completed his apprenticeship at Sterling TT some 12 years ago. While Wilf’s primary focus will be within our welding section, we are equally dedicated to broadening his understanding of other Sterling TT departments during his apprenticeship. Like Bakhteyar, Wilf’s apprenticeship spans 3.5 years, with a specific requirement in year one to attend Milton Keynes College one day a week, while during the remaining four weekdays, he will dedicate himself to honing his skills at Sterling TT.

As these talented individuals embark on their apprenticeship journeys, we know all our colleagues will support and assist them. The importance of apprenticeships in heat exchanger manufacturing cannot be overstated. These programs empower young minds with practical knowledge and ensure the continuity of excellence in our field.

We look forward to seeing Bakhteyar and Wilf developing and excelling within the business and like their mentors we hope for a long and effective career within Sterling TT. Together, we shall build a brighter future for our heat exchanger manufacturing industry

If, like Bakhteyar and Wilf, you are interested in a career in manufacturing, visit our early careers webpage