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Supporting the stabilisation of the whole Orkney power grid

We’re thrilled to play a role in Orkney’s energy transition journey! Orkney boasts an impressive array of renewable energy resources, especially wind and marine energy. This unique energy landscape has sparked some genuinely innovative approaches to grid management.

The Orkney grid refers to the electricity distribution system on the Orkney Islands, which are located off the north-eastern coast of Scotland.

Olu Baptist, Commercial Director at Sterling Thermal Technology
Olu Baptist, Commercial Director

“Exciting news! We’ve just landed a project to design a generator cooling system that will play a pivotal role in stabilising the grid. Our CACW coolers are crucial to help maintain the optimal operating temperature of the generators, ensuring their efficiency and longevity,” said Olu Baptist, our Commercial Director. 

The Orkney grid is unique because it integrates various renewable energy sources into the local electricity network, including wind turbines, tidal turbines, and wave energy converters. These renewable energy installations generate electricity fed into the grid and distributed to meet the needs of the local population.

One of the significant challenges faced by the Orkney grid, given its relatively small size and remote location, is the delicate balance between electricity supply and demand. However, the Orkney Islands have risen to this challenge, transforming it into a testing ground for new grid technologies and energy storage solutions. This resilience and innovation are truly inspiring, highlighting the complexity and importance of grid management.

For example, Orkney has been exploring battery storage technologies to store excess renewable energy when generation exceeds demand, allowing it to be used later when demand is higher. Additionally, smart grid technologies and demand-side management strategies are being implemented to help optimise the use of renewable energy on the Orkney grid, leading to a more efficient and sustainable energy system.

The Orkney grid positions the Orkney Islands as pioneers in the transition to renewable energy. Their development of resilient, sustainable energy systems is a testament to their unique position and innovative spirit, and Sterling TT is delighted to play a critical role. 

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