Sterling Thermal Technology's shell and tube heat exchanger model exhibited at OTC2024 in Houston

The power of innovative partnerships in engineering

Sterling Thermal Technology (Sterling TT) has recently partnered with Designworks in a pioneering effort. Together, we have utilised cutting-edge 3D printing technology to create a physical model of a shell and tube heat exchanger. This model serves a dual purpose: it acts as a captivating exhibit at trade shows and a valuable training tool for internal teams.Sterling Thermal Technology's shell and tube heat exchanger model exhibited at OTC2024 in Houston

The ability to physically demonstrate the intricacies of heat exchangers is an invaluable asset. By employing this innovative model, we reinforce our  commitment to fostering a highly skilled workforce. The model will be instrumental in training Applications Engineers and Engineering Department personnel, helping ensure they possess the expertise necessary to deliver best-in-class heat exchange solutions.

“Designworks demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to understanding our unique needs. Their engineers exhibited a profound understanding of the intricacies of heat exchanger design, ensuring that every specification was meticulously addressed,” said Olu Baptist, Commercial Director at Sterling TT. This level of comprehension laid the foundation for a collaborative journey.

One of the standout features of this collaboration was Designworks’ exemplary project management. The team consistently communicated and liaised with us throughout the drawing stage to the delivery, providing regular updates and seeking feedback to ensure alignment with Sterling TT’s vision. This proactive approach fostered transparency and instilled confidence in Sterling TT that our project was in capable hands.

Designworks delivered the 3D-printed shell and tube heat exchanger on time, exceeding expectations despite a challenging timeline. The quality of the final product showcased the precision and expertise embedded in every step of the manufacturing process.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Sterling Thermal Technology and Designworks exemplifies the fruitful synergy achievable through partnerships between engineering firms.