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Aftersales & Service
for your heat exchangers

Extending the life of
your installation

Repairs, refurbishment, replacement and maintenance services for your heat exchangers

With over 30 years’ experience in aftersales and service of heat exchangers, we have encountered and solved most of the issues associated with old equipment. Along the years, we have developed techniques and practices, which provide you cost-effective solutions. Whether you need to repair, refurbish, upgrade, replace, maintenance your heat exchanger or buy spare parts, we can help. We can carry this work at our manufacturing sites or at your site if possible.

Repairs, refurbishment and maintenance

CACW for industrial applications, refurbished by Sterling Thermal Technology
CACW refurbished

To best assess your heat exchanger, we offer a test, inspection and report (TIR) service. The report details the most cost-effective solution to get the heat exchanger back in service. Where possible, we re-use existing parts and refurbish the equipment to an “as new” condition. If needed, we test and certified for compliance to your requirements.


On request, we can investigate how to improve the thermal performance of your heat exchanger, either by design or by material changes.

hydrogen cooler for nuclear power station designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology
Hydrogen cooler 

‘Like for like’ replacement

Your original equipment is not of our design or supply. It does not matter because we can offer you a ‘like for like’ replacement service. We may carry out a site visit to collect the performance data required to produce our quote. If possible, we’ll propose you to look at upgrading the heat exchanger to improve its thermal performance.


With a wealth of historical records to call on, we offer spare parts for virtually any equipment supplied under Sterling Thermal Technology or previous names including Thermo Engineers, Heat Exchange Industries (HEI) and Brittania Heatex.

On-site work

Where time and conditions dictate, we will endeavour to carry out remedial works at your site. Our fully trained engineers are able to work in various disciplines and industries, complying with all necessary regulations.

We welcome any enquiry. The smallest piece of information is sometimes all we need to offer a solution.

man working on refurbishing a heat exchanger
aftersales and service drilling
aftersales and service drilling

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