Heat Exchanger
Conceptual Design

In-house heat exchanger design

Great heat exchanger solutions start with an idea. Our expertise is to turn that idea into reality. At Sterling Thermal Technology, we produce a conceptual design and manufacture your heat exchangers from first principles for most industrial applications.

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“Sterling TT’s initial design expertise allowed Cressall to meet USN product and customer performance requirements. In addition, the aftermarket team demonstrated exceptional commitment throughout the project life cycle, from troubleshooting expertise to solutions to our challenge. Because of their in-depth heat exchanger knowledge, they delivered a swift and cost-effective solution, guaranteeing optimal performance.”

David Atkins, Projects Director, Cressall Resistors Limited

How we design heat exchangers

To create perfectly designed heat exchanger equipment, the first step is to learn more about your business and your heat exchange requirements. We collaborate with our customers and partners at the earliest stages of a project or product development.

With this approach, it is a commonplace for us to design systems that push heat exchange beyond conventional limits. This approach to heat exchanger design has led us to develop new products to meet the challenge. For example, our Avantair (compact air to air cooler) or our enhanced fin heat exchangers that maximise heat transfer efficiency.

Cutting-edge heat exchanger design software

Once we understand the challenges you face, we can work with you to create the perfect solution. We use an extensive range of software tools to design your heat exchanger.

Sterling Thermal Technology's configuratorThese include our custom configurator software, a powerful tool used to optimise configurations of machinery in your system specifications. We introduce these tools to our clients early as part of the sales talk, and we use them continuously in our development process.

We work to design codes including ASME VIII, BS5500, API 12, API 560, TEMA and CODAP; and also to manufacturing specifications and rules such as NORSOK, BV, DNV, Lloyd’s Register and NKK.

Partner with Sterling Thermal Technology

In the modern era, with our clients producing new and exciting products, we are pleased to offer innovative solutions to support both manufacturing process and integration into final products.

If you are looking for a company to design cutting-edge conceptual heat exchanger products, contact Sterling Thermal Technology today.

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