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Heat exchange solutions for the food & beverage industry

Our heat exchangers, designed specifically to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry, help our customers to reduce downtime and increase productivity. By increasing the stability and integrity of production processes, our equipment also improves food safety, protecting both the health of the end customers and the reputation of our clients.

Keeping food fresh and healthy

At Sterling Thermal Technology, we understand that food and beverage manufacturers have priorities around food safety and productivity. Therefore, we are able to meet your requirements by proposing customised hygienic heat exchangers designed to help you maintain the highest standards while improving performance. We will start by listening to what is important to you and reviewing your specifications. Then, we will design the solution accordingly and explain our approach. We will continue to communicate with you through the manufacturing phase.

To give you a quick overview, we offer safety double wall tube heat exchangers to protect against cross-contamination. We also offer a full range of material grades from stainless steel finishes including Duplex, Super Duplex to titanium. In addition, we can provide a range of units capable of handling solids such as pulp and fibre particles. With this choice of combinations, we can always supply the right solution for your particular environment.

What’s more. Our heat exchange solutions are designed to reduce energy, water and steam usage, which saves you money while also protecting the environment.

Innovating to meet evolving requirements

At Sterling Thermal Technology, we are continuously improving our heat exchange solutions and processes, helping you to increase process capacity and boost your productivity levels. We also introduce new ideas and technologies, which enable you to improve your operating efficiency. For example, one of our recent innovations introduced a new surface that reduced airside pressure loss whilst increasing the available heat transfer surface area.

Our products


  • Condensate cooling
  • Exhaust gas cooling
  • Maltings processes
  • Waste heat recuperation
  • Wort cooling
  • Yeast cooling
  • Yeast, malt extract and wort evaporation


Potato crisp & snacks

  • Heat recovery

Ready meals

  • Product drying
  • Evaporation
  • Heat recovery

Sugar and confectionery

  • Product drying
  • Evaporation
  • Heat recovery


For more information about Sterling Thermal Technology customised heat exchangers, visit our products and services page.

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“We have chosen Sterling Thermal Technology to design and manufacture our heat exchangers as they understand the challenges of the food and beverage industry. Food safety is one of these. Their double-wall tube heat exchangers have helped us to avoid cross-contamination.”

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