Heat exchangers industrial applications

Enhancing industrial efficiency and compliance with bespoke heat exchangers

Heat exchangers play a crucial role in a wide range of industrial industries such as chemical, food and beverage, dairy and pharmaceuticals. They contribute to an efficient operation of various processes. They are designed to transfer heat from one medium to another while keeping them physically separated.

Why choose Sterling TT for your industrial applications 

To ensure our heat exchangers offer significant benefits, we use our expertise and experience to design and manufacture them to your specific requirements.


Many industrial applications require custom-designed heat exchangers to meet specific requirements. We have the in-house capability to design and produce tailored solutions.

Material selection

We choose the most suitable material, which is critical because your heat exchanger must withstand corrosive and/or erosive environments, high pressures, and temperature extremes. Material selection affects the durability and performance of the heat exchanger.

Design complexity

In-house Sterling TT configuratorHeat exchanger design can be complex, especially for custom or specialised applications. Therefore, we consider factors like flow rates, temperature differentials, and fluid properties to optimise performance.


Our in-house design team determines the appropriate dimensions and specifications for a heat exchanger to meet specific thermal and operational requirements.

Maintenance and cleaning

Heat exchangers can accumulate fouling, scaling, or deposits over time, reducing their efficiency. So, we consider ease of cleaning and maintenance when designing your heat exchangers.

Cost considerations

We’ll balance performance with cost-effectiveness. We strive to find ways to minimise your ownership costs while meeting your requirements.

Safety standards

Heat exchangers in industrial applications must adhere to safety standards and regulations to protect workers and the environment. We’ll ensure compliance with standards, including ASME VIII or ASME U stamp.  

Why heat exchangers are crucial

Energy efficiency

Heat exchangers can help improve your energy efficiency by transferring waste thermal energy to the incoming flow, reducing the overall energy consumption in industrial processes.

Temperature control

Heat exchangers are essential for maintaining precise temperature control in industrial processes. They can heat or cool process fluids as needed, ensuring the desired temperature is consistently maintained.

Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) 

Heat exchangers are used to recover waste heat from industrial processes. This recovered heat can be reused to preheat incoming fluids or other purposes, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Process optimisation

Heat exchangers optimise various processes by controlling temperature gradients, which is crucial in industries such as chemical manufacturing or food processing.

Example of Sterling TT’s heat exchangers for the industry sector

heat exchangers including a steam air heater, shell and tube and air blast cooler designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal TechnologyHere are some of our products.

In summary, heat exchangers are vital to your industrial processes, contributing to energy efficiency, temperature control, and process optimisation. At Sterling TT, the heat exchange solutions expert, we know how to address the constraints and challenges, including material selection, design complexity, manufacturing tolerances, cost considerations, and compliance with safety and environmental standards, to provide effective solutions to our industrial clients.

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    Ease of design is essential for us, and we know the Sterling Thermal Technology steam air heaters can be adapted to meet specific requirements experienced in projects. The Elfin technology in particular sets them apart. Sterling products have a proven record in terms of reliability, durability and working life. This, coupled with improved efficiency, leads to significant cost savings in the quantity of steam required.

    Mike Bambury, Director, MDFT

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