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Heat exchange solutions for critical processes

We fully appreciate and understand that contamination is one of your major issues. That is why we go to such great lengths to design and manufacture heat exchangers that respect the purity of your final products. That way, we help you to avoid putting the health of patients at risk and to preserve your reputation.

Longevity and thermal efficiency

We design and manufacture shell and tube heat exchangers specifically for use in the pharmaceutical sector. We do this by developing a deep and comprehensive understanding of your precise requirements, and through a thorough knowledge of your sector. We also draw on our extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, which faces similar challenges.

Our heat exchangers meet the stringent, no-compromise requirements of the industry, while ensuring value for money thanks to longevity and increased thermal efficiency. For example, to avoid heat exchangers leakage, we seal weld the tubes onto the plates using materials suitable for the environment and the mediums passing through them. We predominately use stainless steel. For critical applications, we also offer double tube sheets. These protect the heating elements, such as steam or liquids, from leaking into the product side and causing cross contamination. 

Low maintenance

Our heat exchangers are easy to drain, clean and test with minimal risk of damage thanks to the sealed design.

Meeting worldwide regulatory standards

We design products in accordance to PED and ASME. Our heat exchangers meet and exceed the standards expected by the pharmaceutical sector, where product integrity is absolutely vital.


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Customised heat exchangers

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“We closely worked with Sterling Thermal Technologies, who designed and manufactured our heat exchangers. Excellent thermal efficiency was crucial. Their design team was able to offer a solution that met our strict requirements.”

An engineer of a well-known pharmaceutical company

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