Air-Cooled Gas Coolers

Gas cooling heat exchangers remove excess heat from a gas stream

An air-cooled gas cooler removes excess heat from a gas stream. It is a gas-to-gas heat exchanger. View our range of condensers for gas-to-liquid heat exchanger technology.

The main applications of this product include CO2 cooling in refrigeration systems, and inter-cooling and after-cooling of compressor gas streams.

What you can expect with air-cooled gas coolers from Sterling Thermal Technology

As a leading UK designer and manufacturer of air-cooled gas coolers, Sterling Thermal Technology’s products offer exceptional performance:

High-pressure capability

Our designs meet the highest pressure requirements, whether it is for a gas compression cycle or other gas cooling applications. In all cases, we consider PED requirements section by section.

Optimum header designs

We use tubular or box header arrangements, depending on the pressure and dimensional configuration of the cooler.

Bespoke configurations

Where the cooler is to be integrated with your equipment, we will closely work with you on the designs to obtain the most beneficial arrangement.

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Technical design of gas coolers

For gas-to-gas heat exchangers, one of the most important factors is the pressure of the gas stream. Is it low, medium or high-pressure? This impacts the design of the cooler to ensure it fits its purpose.

At low pressure, the gas side heat transfer coefficient is, generally, low because the gas density is also low. Tube inserts can enhance the heat transfer coefficient if specifications permit.

In applications with medium gas pressure, the increased density of the gas leads to increased heat transfer coefficients. The optimum design requires less tube-side coefficient enhancement.

At high pressures, the mechanical design of the cooler becomes a more significant issue. Thus, Sterling TT designs the high-pressure cooling sections for pressures over 5,600 bar. At these pressures, the heat exchanger is a fully welded construction with thick wall tubes.

For compressor systems, the excess heat generated during the compression cycle must be dissipated. The cooler is split into several stages, each operating at differing tube-side pressures. The cooler stages are mounted in series; each has a different mechanical design pressure, but all have similar cross-sections for the cooling air path.

We work with you to design the best gas cooler for your process.

Looking for a gas cooler that uses air cooling?

As a recognised manufacturer of air-cooled gas coolers, we can help you get the best equipment for your application. However, if you feel you need another type of heat exchanger, visit our products and services page or contact us.

Customised heat exchangers

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We have purchased gas coolers for our air compression systems. Sterling Thermal Technology has created a combination of heat exchange sections to allow us to configure multistage cooling and integrate it with our compression cycle. Each customer-specific requirement can be optimised, using the range of inter-stage coolers designed by Sterling TT.

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