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Condensers are heat exchangers taking a process stream in gaseous form, cooling it below its dewpoint and discharging a stream with the majority of the material in liquid form. The simplest example is steam condensers. In a number of applications, the condensation of the tube side stream can go hand in hand with heat recovery.
We understand the process aims and conditions, which are critical aspects of matching the design to your exact requirements.

Key benefits


A wide range of materials is available to us depending on the process fluid and the ambient air conditions.


We tune the mechanical design philosophy to the application. The specifications imposed by end-users and third parties, together with international rules, guide us in defining mechanical build parameters.

Optimum Design

We weigh mechanical, thermal and commercial considerations to define the most cost-effective solution to meet your requirements.

Long lasting and reliable

We control our processes to ensure the highest integrity for all completed units.


How it works

Condensers are generally used to remove heat from a gaseous stream before final discharge or recycling back to the process. A steam condenser takes low-pressure steam after a process and condenses it to allow discharge as condensate. The resulting condensate may be contaminated with other materials from the process. As a result, the stream may then undergo further treatments before discharge to the environment.

Our mechanical design considers process and ambient conditions. Our thermal design works to optimise the heat transfer rate. We combine these with our understanding of environmental conditions to arrive at the optimum materials selection.

If the process aims to recover heat into an airstream, we consider the airflows and required outlet temperature in the design.

Our expertise in fin design and understanding of extended fin surfaces and their applications helps us to deliver customised solutions for specific applications and environments. We can apply an extensive range of finned surfaces from the conventional wrapped fin, if specified, through tube in plate options to internally developed and tested high temperature tube in plate configurations.

We have helped a number of clients in industry sectors such as chemical and power generation. Let us work with you to design and manufacture the best condenser.

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Customised heat exchangers

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Ease of design is essential for us, and we know that Sterling Thermal Technology condensers can be adapted to meet specific requirements experienced in projects. The Elfin technology in particular sets them apart. Sterling products have a proven record in terms of reliability, durability and working life. This, coupled with improved efficiency, leads to significant cost savings extending the heat recovery limits.

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