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Compact Tube Heat Exchangers

Compact tube heat exchangers to save you space

Compact tube heat exchangers are heat exchangers built within a shell but utilising compact fin technology on the outer surface of the tube. Using fins optimises the design where the shell side fluid flow and heat transfer properties would not usually be able to generate a high heat transfer coefficient. It is particularly relevant when cooling a high-pressure gas stream using a liquid as the coolant.

Key benefits

  1. Flexible – We ensure the optimum heat transfer while considering the corrosion potential of the shell side fluid. How? By matching the fin and tube materials.

  2. Optimised design – We can minimise the cooler footprint and make sure the optimum utilisation of the available pressure drop. We do so by adjusting the pass baffle arrangement within the shell in parallel with the density of fins applied.

  3. Addressing your process needs – We offer a full range of TEMA shell and tube configurations and are happy to discuss process parameters in detail. We will agree with you the best solution that addresses your application.

How it works

The most common type of application for this product is the cooling of gases at a pressure in the region of 5 to 10 bar. High-pressure blowers generate significant heat as the gas is compressed and must be cooled before moving to the next process stage. The achieved increase in heat transfer by application of the fin means that the overall diameter and/or length of the unit can be reduced.

Our expertise in fin design and understanding of extended fin surfaces and their applications helps you to benefit from customised solutions for specific applications. We have developed specific fin forms including, where appropriate, cut louvres.

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Customised heat exchangers

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Space is at a premium for our applications and we know that Sterling Thermal Technology has the in-house knowledge to optimise the space envelope for the equipment. Their technologies give them a flexible approach to material combinations ensuring they always have an appropriate solution to meet our needs.

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