Enhanced Fin Heat Exchangers

Better finned tubes for more efficient heat exchangers

An essential element of efficient heat exchangers is the “extended surfaces” or fins on the tubes of the exchanger. By constantly pushing the limits of finned tube design, Sterling Thermal Technology can achieve even greater levels of efficiency in our heat exchangers.

Our “enhanced fin” heat exchangers utilise diverse surface profiles to increase the surface area used. The range of solutions we can provide is wide. No matter the application, we can find or design an enhanced fin heat exchanger for you.

Benefits of Sterling Thermal Technology enhanced fin heat exchangers

Finned tubes can be enhanced in a variety of ways. Some of the benefits of choosing enhanced fins over regular finned tubes include:

  • Increased heat transfer coefficient
    Reduces the required surface area to achieve the specified heat transfer performance.

  • Reduced equipment size
    Enhanced surfaces lead to a larger heat transfer area being attainable within a smaller equipment footprint.

  • A range of available materials
    We offer materials such as copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cupronickel and titanium materials. However, we can also supply other enhanced materials options.

  • Optimised surface temperatures
     Ensures that temperature-sensitive materials can be processed efficiently.

Applications of enhanced fin tubes

Our enhanced tube & fin combinations can be applied across a wide spectrum of applications. They can be most effective where high viscosity products are being processed (heavy oils, for example) or for evaporation, condensation and gas heating and cooling processes.

Are you an original equipment manufacturer, or an end-user of heat exchangers in your facility? Do you want to upgrade existing heat exchangers, or produce superior products that include enhanced fin tube heat exchangers? If you want to take advantage of our enhanced finned tube products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How we enhance our finned tubes

First, we need to select a configuration that fits your process. We have a wide range of designs available, optimised in different ways. Our engineers would look at the specifics of your application and consider various factors, such as:

  • heat transfer efficiency,
  • the impact of fluid viscosity under varying operating conditions,
  • potential for fouling.

When designing a heat exchanger, it is crucial to consider the thermal efficiency on both the tube side and the finned side of the unit and endeavour to achieve a balance between the two. The designer will choose the surfaces carefully to ensure maximum heat transfer within the constraints of the available pressure drop allowed in the process design.

We would take these factors, and others, into account while working towards the most economic and lightest construction.

Enhancing gas-to-liquid heat exchangers 

When looking at gas-to-liquid, condenser and evaporator design, we take into account that heat transfer coefficients on the gas side are generally low. It is always beneficial to increase the heat transfer of these surfaces.

A variety of extended surfaces can be employed under these conditions, one of which is a type of extruded finned tube called ‘integron’. We can optimise the height of the extruded fin on the integron and the number of fins per inch against the gas flow and available gas pressure drop.

Are you looking for a partner for enhanced fin heat exchangers?

Sterling Thermal Technology can work with you to consider all aspects of your process. We will offer our best recommendations for both an efficient and cost-effective solution to your heat transfer requirements.

If you feel you need another type of heat exchanger, visit our products and services page or contact us.

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We have purchase enhanced fin heat exchangers as a compact alternative to the conventional shell and tube units. Sterling Thermal Technology have the design knowledge and experience to offer the appropriate enhanced surface options. Their products have always met our expectations.

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