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Enhanced Fin Heat Exchangers

Increasing and optimising heat transfer surfaces

Enhanced fin heat exchangers utilise a variety of surface profiles either on the inside or outside surfaces of the heat exchanger tubes. Wide ranges of contoured tubes are available, which increase the surface area available while also increasing the turbulence. The profile of each tube varies based on applications ranging from gas cooling, condensation, evaporation or general fluid applications.

Key benefits

  1. Increased heat transfer coefficient – Reduces the required surface area to achieve the specified heat transfer performance.

  2. Optimised surface temperatures
    Ensures that temperature sensitive materials can be processed efficiently.

  3. Compact
    Enhanced surfaces lead to a larger heat transfer area being attainable within a smaller equipment footprint.

  4. A range of available materials
    We offer materials such as copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cupronickel and titanium materials. However, we can also supply other enhanced tube materials options.


How it works

There are two surfaces to be considered when discussing enhanced fin heat exchangers. Either or both can be engineered with a range of profiles, which run in a spiral form down the tube. Where the tube is formed from a strip, the strip is embossed with the surface contours before seam welding.

We have optimised the range of available profiles for the most frequently used processing requirements. To select the best configuration for your process, our engineers would consider various factors including heat transfer efficiency, the impact of fluid viscosity under varying operating conditions and potential for fouling. We would take these into account while working towards the most economic and lightest construction.

The most common applications are evaporation or condensation processes. But, many single phase applications (e.g. oil coolers) have benefited from the use of specific improved surface materials.

For gas to liquid heat exchangers, it will be beneficial to increase the gas side heat transfer surface as gas side coefficients are generally low. In these instances, the type of extruded finned tube called ‘integron’ can be used. We can optimise the height of the extruded fin and the number of fins per inch against the gas flow and available gas pressure drop.

Sterling Thermal Technology can work with you to consider all aspects of your process. We will offer our best recommendations for both an efficient and cost-effective solution to your heat transfer requirements.


Image of enhanced surface tube heat exchangers designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology

Enhanced surface tube heat exchangers


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We have purchase enhanced fin heat exchangers as a compact alternative to the conventional shell and tube units. Sterling Thermal Technology have the design knowledge and experience to offer the appropriate enhanced surface options. Their products have always met our expectations.

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