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Lube Oil Coolers

Lube oil coolers to remove the excess heat

Lubricating oil coolers take oil from an engine or a machine. They remove excess heat and return the cooled oil to the equipment. The cooler can be either air or water cooled. For shell and tube configurations, the coolant is water that can come from various sources depending on the environment in which the equipment is installed. Environments range from small industrial processes to key equipment in highly corrosive environments including off-shore.

Key benefits of lube oil coolers from SterlingTT

  • Bespoke – Sterling Thermal Technology designs lube oil coolers to match your detailed specification requirements ensuring that, where necessary, third party regulations are fully integrated into the design solution.

  • Optimised design – We can configure lube oil coolers for one-off application to meet continuous or batch cooling needs. Alternatively, to improve heat transfer rates from oil to tube where high oil viscosity leads to low Reynolds numbers, we can apply our fin technology.

  • Fit for purpose solutions – Where coolants may vary from water glycol mixes to raw seawater, we have a full range of material combinations. These ensure the design life of the equipment is matched to the process and environmental conditions.


How lube oil coolers work

Typically, the oil stream to be cooled is fed to the shell side of the equipment passing over the tube bank in a series of counter-flow passes. As the oil is clean and recirculated, the potential for shell side fouling is limited. Unless specifically requested, the tube bundle is not removable.

Coolant is fed on the tube side. A single pass arrangement is usually utilised. However, we can also configure return bend arrangements. We offer connection heads of various types. The coolant quality determines the best construction and materials for these heads. Where fouling is anticipated, the ability to remove cover plates without disconnecting the flow or return connections to rod out the tubes may be advantageous. Our customers should advise whether water quality warrants such considerations in the design.

As a recognised manufacturer of lube oil coolers, we can help you to get the best equipment for your application.

Lube oil cooler with fin technology

Lube oil cooler
with fin technology

Lube oil cooler


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