What we do

Supporting the lifecycle of your heat exchangers

What we do

Providing you with heat exchange solutions from design to aftersales services

As a leading UK heat exchanger manufacturer, we design, fabricate and service all types of heat exchangers for many industrial sectors. We are your partner for the entire lifecycle of all your heat exchangers.

Firstly, we manufacture from the first principle. All great products start with an idea and our expertise is turning it into reality. We work with you to design your future heat exchanger according to your requirements. Then, we will fabricate it in one of our UK manufacturing facilities.

Finally, should you need to repair, replace, refurbish or maintenance your heat exchanger, we are also here to help, even if it was not our design.

Read about these stages in more depth by clicking on the images below.

conceptual heat exchangers design by sterling thermal technology

Conceptual Design

Heat exchanger manufacturing by sterling thermal technology


Aftersales and services by sterling thermal technology

Aftersales & Service