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Manufacturing bespoke heat exchangers for a wide range of industries

At Sterling Thermal Technology, we design heat exchangers according to our clients’ specifications, then manufacture those products to the highest quality standard in our state of the art factories. 

For both OEMs and end-users in a wide variety of markets, Sterling TT manufactures heat exchangers that make the world’s industries run efficiently.

Our heat exchanger factories

Our heat exchanger manufacturing facility is top of the line. We carry out our manufacturing work from our factory in Aylesbury. It is triple ISO certified; evidence of our high-quality management systems and ability to produce heat exchangers that meet our customer’s needs.

The production site is equipped to manufacture and deliver high-performance, custom heat exchangers. Find out more below.

Aylesbury factory, North-West of London

Photo of the Sterling Thermal Technology factory in AylesburyOur largest factory and head office is located in Aylesbury, in the North-West of London. It spread on approximately 5,000 square meters of manufacturing space. There, our production facilities include:

  • 6 x 10 ton overhead travelling cranes with a maximum single lift of 20 tons
  • Shot blasting bay, 20m x 6m x 6m with painting and metal spraying facilities
  • Extensive machine shop and heat exchanger fabrication areas, including flame cutting for carbon and stainless steel, CNC cutting, milling and turning machines
  • Extensive welding assembly capabilities, using the latest techniques
  • Quality control and inspection departments, including in-house non-destructive testing facilities

Our manufacturing facility is triple certified

Our manufacturing site is certified against:

We operate under strict policies that ensure the quality of our heat exchangers, the health and safety of all workers and that protect the environment.

We work to all the usual design codes and major manufacturing specifications and rules.

Read more about our certifications.

We use sub-contractors and fabricators to provide specialist services or complete fabrications where the size or weight is outside of our range.

Are you looking to work with a bespoke heat exchanger manufacturer?

At Sterling TT, we don’t fabricate on other companies’ designs; we design heat exchangers from first principles then build them in our state-of-the-art facilities. We also provide aftermarket and service support.

In other words, we are your heat exchanger partner during the life of your equipment. If your company has heat exchange needs, we want to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

CNC programmer working in Sterling Thermal Technology's factory in the UK
Employee welding heat exchanger at Sterling Thermal Technology's factory in the UK
Sterling Thermal Technology's factory in the UK

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