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Air blast coolers

Air blast coolers, the workhorses of the industry for cooling of process fluids

Our air blast coolers are part of our wide range of custom design and build watercoolers for industrial use. An air blast cooler is an extended surface heat exchanger using ambient air to cool process fluids. We produce coolers from small products for ships stabiliser gear to units of more than 6 meters in length and weighing several tons.

Key benefits

Tough and reliable

We design and manufacture air blast coolers with a tube to tubeplate construction by roller expansion or seal welding. As a result, our coolers deliver exceptional levels of reliability and availability.


We choose from a wide range of fin types and tube material including titanium and duplex steel. We configure with vertical or horizontal mounting to suit your site limitations. By utilising plate fin matrices, we can build units in modular form to meet any of your cooling requirements.

Save money, cut waste

To achieve low power usage and low levels of noise pollution, we carefully select the cooling air fans and fit them with louvred or flat fins. The resulting closed-circuit systems are intrinsically more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective than open systems using evaporative technology.  


How air blast coolers work

Air blast coolers are typically used as part of a closed-circuit system to remove heat from a circulating system. The excess energy from various system components heats the coolant, which is usually water or a water glycol mix. The coolant passes to the air blast cooler, transferring the heat to the ambient air stream. Then, the coolant is returned at temperatures typically 10oC above ambient to continue to cool system components. The closed-circuit arrangement is significantly better than an open cooling tower as it creates a cleaner cooling system less prone to fouling and corrosion, avoiding direct contact between air and water. Dependent on the properties of the coolant and the corrosion potential of the atmosphere, we offer a wide range of tube and fin materials are available.

The coolant is distributed to the air blast cooler tubes using headers. Subject to your requirement, application and design pressure, these can take various forms including tubular, rectangular with cover plates or plugged. The coolant may pass several times down the length of the cooler in a crossflow or counter-flow arrangement. The positions of baffles within the headers determine the passes. The optimum arrangement is dependent on the temperature differentials and overall flowrates of the tubeside and ambient streams.

We configure plenum chambers to ensure optimum air distribution over the heat transfer surface while minimising air recirculation and leakage.

Electric motors driven axial flow fans create the airflow, operating in either forced or induced draft mode. Motors are used in a direct drive format for the majority of applications although we can supply belt mounted arrangement. The speed of rotation of the fan is the main variable determining the noise level of the equipment. Noise is a major consideration in all designs. Our thorough design ensures the resulting operational noise levels meet contract requirements. In addition, for very low noise level requirements, we can offer cylindrical silencers.

Air blast cooler manufacturer, we design and fabricate air blast coolers for most industry sectors including chemical, power generation, defence, oil and gas, food and beverage and marine.


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Air blast cooler designed and manufactured by Sterling Thermal Technology

Air blast cooler

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The air blast coolers from Sterling have allowed us to cut our water use, reduce power consumption and lower our maintenance costs. They have also proved to be durable and reliable, which are vital considerations in our industry.

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