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Heat Exchanger Terminology Glossary

View Sterling TT’s glossary of heat exchanger terminology to discover definitions for all the industry’s jargon.
submarine USS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735)

The challenges of cooling submarine generators and motors

Submarines are fantastic examples of human ingenuity, allowing for lengthy missions in a challenging environment. Underwater, you need to have confidence in your vessel. What and why some of the equipment needs cooling on a submarine?
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What are the future sources of power generation?

It would be hard to imagine a world without power, but it is easy to forget that the convenience we rely on every day comes from sources that may one day run out or fail on us.
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Heat exchanger maintenance guide

Read this guide on heat exchanger maintenance. It includes the procedures and activities involved in maintaining or repairing a heat exchanger. It also mentions when and why it’s needed.
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What is a heat exchanger?

Heat exchangers are used everywhere, from in your home’s central heating to generating electricity, […]
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Celebrating the International Women in Engineering Day

At Sterling Thermal Technology, we are keen to support women within our workplace. Last year we recruited Kate, an enthusiastic graduate engineer. We interviewed her about her motivations regarding engineering.