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Pioneers in heat exchange solutions since 1904, we’re established as a global leader in design and manufacture to custom specifications.  We apply our wide experience and expertise to meet your requirements. We offer wide range of heat exchangers: compact fin heat exchangers , single tube heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers.

Below, in each technology category, we list examples of some of the products we supply. Where there is no example of a product or a technology relevant to your needs, it is still highly probable that we can meet your requirements. We have the know-how and the engineering capability you require.

We serve most of the industries including power generationoil & gasdefence, marine and dairy.

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We customise our heat exchange solution to meet your requirements, so contact us today to discover the right equipment for you.

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We use Avantair for air-to-air cooling as it allows us to provide higher power output compared to conventional coolers, while meeting the most stringent safety standards. This gives our clients the edge in efficient production of clean, safe and reliable energy.

Dirk Petzoldt, Manager Stator Design, Siemens Generator Plant Erfurt