at Sterling Thermal Technology

Why choose us?

Welcome to our unique world!

We’ve been designing and manufacturing custom heat exchangers for world-leading businesses and governments all over the world since 1904.

Everything we produce is bespoke, no two projects are the same, and what we do supports the technical progress shaping a more sustainable global society.

Ingenuity, technical excellence, and collaborative customer focus are at the heart of our success. We are an open, supportive and ambitious team: Sterling TT is a place where everyone plays a part, and there are endless opportunities for those who want it.

What’s in for you

You’ll join a team that is:

  • Energetic. We are there when our customers need us to deliver our solutions, providing ongoing support to keep their operations running.
  • Insightful. Our expertise is not limited to heat exchange. Working closely with customers, we continually look to add value, intelligently and perceptively.
  • International. A global reach…We understand the ‘bigger picture’; the way we operate reflects this.
  • Supportive. We’re here to support our customers; we listen and do not dictate. We are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver on our promises.