at Sterling Thermal Technology

Why choosing us

Sterling TT is a recognised manufacturer of bespoke heat exchangers

We design and manufacture heat exchangers to clients’ specifications. Working in collaboration with our customers to solve their challenges, we operate as a technical partner. Hence, we deliver bespoke solutions to their business and provide benefits that truly last.

We aim for long-term relationships with our customers. To do so, we are steadfast, acute and attentive. And, we deliver longevity, integrity, expertise, flexibility and responsiveness.

We look for talented people to take Sterling Thermal Technology into the future. We carefully select individuals who have the right motivation, experience and skills to thrive in our environment.

What’s in for you

You’ll join a team that is:

  • Energetic. We are there when our customers need us to deliver our solutions, providing ongoing support to keep their operations running.
  • Insightful. Our expertise is not limited to heat exchange. Working closely with customers, we continually look to add value, intelligently and perceptively.
  • International. A global reach…We understand the ‘bigger picture’; the way we operate reflects this.
  • Supportive. We’re here to support our customers; we listen and do not dictate. We are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver on our promises.