Heat Exchangers Oil and Gas

Taking the heat in the harshest conditions

We design and manufacture heat exchangers for the oil and gas industry that are tough, reliable, easy to maintain and resistant to corrosion. If needed, we can make them compact in terms of both space and weight. Our solutions also help to increase efficiency for cost-effective energy production, while ensuring safety of personnel and facilities. In addition, they are environmentally friendly (low CO2 emissions).

Improving heat exchange efficiency and increasing longevity of your equipment

At Sterling Thermal Technology, we draw on more than 100 years’ experience designing and manufacturing heat exchangers and services to the oil and gas sector. These are used in some of the world’s harshest and most hazardous, yet environmentally sensitive locations.
Avantair, an advanced air-to-air coolerOur experience and expertise cover everything from designing and manufacturing new equipment to repair, refurbishment and replacements. Using our innovative high-performance technologies (such as Avantair) and robust materials (such as titanium), we improve heat exchange efficiency and increase longevity while also reducing weight and space when needed.

Reliable and rugged
Our clients in the oil and gas sector benefit from our proven track record of reducing maintenance and downtime in production facilities in the UK and worldwide.

We go to great lengths to continually improve our offerings to meet changing needs. For example, our solutions include remanufacturing coolers using titanium, duplex tubes and tube-plates to significantly improve corrosion resistance. These techniques can increase the expected service life, leading to lower replacement and maintenance costs and less downtime.

Fast, responsive maintenance
Our highly skilled and flexible workforce reacts rapidly to any emergency situation or maintenance requirements. To eliminate delays and help minimise the effects of machine downtime in hazardous environments, we hold extensive stocks of copper nickel and titanium materials. For sensitive applications, we propose our Hi-Guard design. It’s a double tube leak detection system that prevents catastrophic failure of critical equipment, particularly in aggressive environments.

Meeting the highest standards
We manufacture our heat exchangers in accordance with all the major, recognised standards including:

  • ASME
  • PD5500
  • PED

Full certification and documentation is provided with all equipment.

Our products
  • Air conditioning coolers
  • Avantair (our air-to-air cooler enhanced with heat technology)
  • Compressor coolers
  • Engine radiators
  • Motor and generator coolers (e.g. CACW/TEWAC and CACA/TEAAC coolers)
  • Plant room coolers
  • Process oil & gas coolers
  • Pump & lube oil coolers
  • FPSO (Floating production, storage and off loaders)
  • LNG (Liquefied natural gas)
  • Oil rings
  • Refineries
  • Support vessels


For more information about our customised heat exchangers, visit our products and services page.

Customised heat exchangers

Over 100 years of design & manufacturing knowledge

Your partner for the entire lifecycle of your business

We partner with Sterling because they understand us and they offer excellent product quality. They excel in delivering new and refurbished equipment, which they can modify or upgrade if needed. In addition, they provide great services such as tests, inspections and reports.

A key player of the oil & gas sector

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As heat exchangers play a crucial role in processing oil and gas, we are here for you. Our bespoke heat exchange solutions are recognised to be robust, reliable, easy to maintain and resistant to corrosion.

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