Our pedigree

The story behind us

Our pedigree

The story behind Sterling Thermal Technology

Delivering benefits that truly last.

Acting as a technical partner to many of the world’s leading businesses, Sterling Thermal Technology designs and manufactures heat exchangers to custom specifications – from first principles to lasting partnerships.

We are a business with a proud pedigree. Previously known as HEI, Thermo Engineers, Britannia Heat Transfer, Thame Energy Services and Britannia Heatex, we have over 100 years’ continuous experience in the heat exchange industry.

We gained the confidence and trust of world-leading businesses across all industry sectors, including defence, marine, power generation, oil and gasdairy, food and beveragechemicals and pharmaceuticals. Reason is that we always have been at the forefront of technology, developing new and pioneering solutions to meet the changing demands and challenges of the global industry.  

Caledonia InvestmentsSterling Thermal Technology is part of Caledonia Investments plc, a UK investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange. We have the backing and resource at our disposal to step forward, with you, into an even stronger future. For more information, download the latest annual report. 


An overview of the brands that have formed Sterling Thermal Technology over the years

Britannia Heat Transfer          Britannia Heatex          Crane Heatex         

Heat Exchange Industries         Heat Transfer Engineering       PCC  Sterling         Sterling Process Engineering Ltd           Thame Energy Services         

Thermo Engineers Ltd          Urquhart  Engineers Ltd 


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