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Sterling Thermal Technology has supplied Komatsu icon of a quote markMining Corp. Group for more than 35 years. We value its team’s flexibility and professionalism. They manufacture heat exchangers to our rigorous specifications allowing us to use them in demanding environments. They always respond proactively to our business needs. So, Sterling Thermal Technology is a valued partner.”
Peter Flannery, Buyer, Komatsu Mining Corp. Group

Bespoke heat exchangers that meet your requirements

We design and manufacture bespoke heat exchangers. We shape our service around your demands to deliver long-term efficiency, reliability and return on investment.

From technical constraints to the increasing pressure you face to maximise your investment, we understand your challenges. Furthermore, we’re aware of the vital importance of heat exchangers to your process and their impact on your operations.

 That’s why we don’t just build high-quality heat exchangers; we build a relationship with you. This allows us to design and manufacture heat exchangers around your specific requirements. It means our heat exchangers are fit for purpose, budget and demand every time.

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Global leaders

Pioneers in heat exchange innovation since 1904, we’re established as a global leader in bespoke heat exchanger design and manufacture. We have a comprehensive range of heat exchangers, including compact fin heat exchangers, single tube heat exchangers, shell & tube and finned tubes. Partner with us and enjoy all the engineering capability you require.

Ongoing support

If you need a test, inspection and report (TIR) or want to refurbish, repair or replace your heat exchanger on a like-for-like basis, we can also help. Since we started, we have encountered most problems associated with old heat exchangers. Therefore, we have developed proven techniques and practices to extend the life of your existing heat exchanger.

Our aftersales service team is also on hand for any queries you have following the installation of new heat exchangers.

 Learn more about our aftermarket and service support.

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    A lasting partnership 

    We listen to your requirements. We understand the challenges you face. We respond quickly to your needs. That way, we don’t just build durable equipment; we strive to develop and build long-lasting relationships. Moreover, we aim to be your long-term partner of choice for customised heat exchangers.

    We have a track record of collaboration with global brands and SME’s in over 50 countries. We’ve demonstrated our ability to solve the most complex challenges across all industry sectors around the world. These include energy, including renewable energydefence, oil and gas, chemicals and other industrial sectors, and marine.

    Backed up with in-house facilities, global support and an outstanding service, you can rely on us to supply bespoke heat exchange solutions. We help you deliver a positive return on investment and add value to your business.

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